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It Is Well International, Inc. is a vision which was divinely received by Dave Walker of Belcamp, Maryland. While managing affairs at an orphanage in Africa for a year he witnessed, first hand, the plight of many individuals in the region who did not have access to clean, healthy water. His heart was captured to help, especially the gravely ill and perishing children. Dave's vision persisted to “save at least one child.” He was encouraged by his wife, Chaplin Jean Walker to move forward with the vision and “watch God work!” He discussed his vision with their friend, Carol A. Deel. Carol immediately committed to help him bring the vision to reality by helping with the paperwork and serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the organization.


It is Well International, Inc. became a 501(c)(3) on January 13, 2013. To date, the organization has been involved in over 70 water projects in Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, and Nigeria, Africa.  Our goal and mission is to help wherever God reveals the need. We have been in contact with individuals in other African countries including Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Namibia.  We have also had contact with individuals in Cambodia, and Nepal.  



Board of Directors

Carol A. Deel, PhD - President and Chief Executive Officer

David Walker - Chief Operations Officer

Jean Walker - Vice President

Donna Smoot - Secretary

Ron Evans - Treasurer


Abrielle Ackerman - Social Media Advisor

Rachel Koether - Computer Technology Advisor

Donny Barkley - Marketing Advisor


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