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From February 27 to March 12, 2013, Chief Operations Officer Dave Walker traveled with a mission team from Eureka United Methodist Church of Eureka, Wisconsin to see a clean water well be drilled at Goshen Blessings in Bweyale, Uganda, a refugee community. Goshen is a large community comprised primarily of refugee children.


The well contracted by Eureka was not completed before the trip was over. The drilling company abandoned the well, leaving the community without water. Eureka United Methodist Church Family and Pastor Anita Genrich worked once again to raise the needed funds for a well.

Because Dave Walker had been with the Eureka group, he knew the great need at Goshen Blessings. God prompted the Board of Directors of It Is Well International to make that well a reality.


Pastor Anita turned the project over to It Is Well International. The well at Goshen Blessings became the first project of It Is Well International, completed on September 15, 2014.


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The third well was drilled on February 23, 2015 at the School of Good Hope in Gaspa, Uganda, also a refugee community.  The school is currently serving 300+ grade school students, many without biological parents.  It Is Well International, Inc. was given a grant to drill the well at the School of Good Hope.

The future will bring at least one more well in Uganda. We know that we could work the next 10 years and not put a dent in the needs there much less around the world. 

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The founders of Today's Seed Tomorrow's Hope, JB Redding and Stuart Sempala began working at the Kitalya Primary School in the 1990's. President and CEO Carol Deel visited the Kitalya School in 2013 while on a mission trip organized by Today's Seed Tomorrow's Hope.  She fell in love with the Kitalya school and the children.  When It Is Well International, Inc. came into being, she wanted to look into drilling a fresh water well there.


On June 27, 2015 the drilling rig was set up and the drilling for fresh water began.  By the end of the day they realized that there was not enough water at that site. The engineer came back and and found another site and drilling began at the new site and by the end of the day, water was gushing forward!


The women of the village and school said that the only water hole available before, over a mile away, often would require a two hour wait, because there could be over 100 jerry cans (water carrying jugs) ahead of them when they arrived.  Usually children fetch water.  In the dry season when the school's water tank is empty due to no rain water, the children fetching water for the school for handwashing, drinking and cooking could miss a total of 2 and a half hours of school.  They no longer have to miss school to fetch water, God is faithful!.


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After partnering with It Is Well International on the first well project, Eureka United Methodist Church also supplied a major portion of the money for the second clean water well at the Yelekeni Primary School, also in Uganda.


That well was completed on September 16, 2014, much to the delight of the nearly 450 children who go to school there.  In the week that followed the well being drilled the population of the school jumped to almost 650 children because the children did not have to miss school to carry water five or six miles twice a day. They now have time for their education at this amazing Christian School.


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Bungokho Village, Bunalwere Parish, Bulambuli District

The Bungokho Village has approximately 550 individuals located in the Bulambuli District of Uganda.  The picture below is some of the villagers waiting for the drilling company to return, under the brush is the borehole pipe sticking out of the ground.

Green Pastures Primary School

The Green Pastures Primary School is a school that is affiliated with the Green Pastures Seminary and church.  The school is serving approximately 400 students and staff.  

Nashibiso Village

Hope City

Hope City in in the Nashibiso Village, in Bukasakya Parish, Bukasakya Sub County in Mbale District.  Hope City houses women who are learning a trade so that they can support their families.

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